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Based in Cornwall, Advance Telecom offer the following services to residential and commercial customers. We pride ourselves on our friendly personal service and guarantee to be cheaper, faster and more reliable than our competitors. No job is too small and No VAT is charged.

Fault Diagnosis and Repair

If you have a telecoms fault within your property, we are experts at finding it.
We use specialist equipment to test cabling and telephone sockets and use the latest products to repair it.

Telephone Sockets

We can supply and install new master sockets (NTE5 – as shown) and extra telephone extension sockets to your existing phone line. These can be run using internal or external cabling around your house or outbuilding.

Re-Wiring / Cabling

We are experts in running internal or external cabling. We can re-wire and relocate existing telephone sockets or tidy and replace any existing cabling. We use specialist cable tracing equipment and are experts in concealing unsightly cabling.

Broadband Repair

If you have slow broadband speed or broadband connection problems then your telephone wiring may be the problem. We can test and repair wiring and sockets to increase speeds and solve connection problems.

How to Test your phone line

If your property has an NTE5 Master Socket installed then you can perform your own test using its testing point.

Simply remove the 2 screws from the face plate (as shown) and plug your phone into the test point that will now be revealed. By removing this cover you have disconnected all other extensions.

If the fault still exists when you plug a phone into the test socket then you will need to report the fault to your service provider. If you have a clear dial tone from the test socket then your fault could be inside your property.

If you don’t have a Master Socket like the one shown then we could still test your telephone circuit to see where the fault arises, or alternatively we could install a new NTE5 Master socket for you.